Next Review: The Reluctant King (The Star-Crossed Series Book 5) by Rachel Higginson

So excited to start reading this series again!  I’ve re-read the previous books a few times, but will re-read them again before starting The Reluctant King.  This will most likely take a few days.  I have to say, I love this series!  And I hope The Reluctant King does not disappoint!  I’m also very glad the series continued, because I was disappointed in how Endless Magic (Book 4) ended-too many loose ends.  I didn’t know then that the series would continue, so I’m thrilled that it has!  If you haven’t heard of this series, it is all about magic and the magical community under the rule of a king who does not have their best interests at heart.  The series takes you on a journey and in one of the books I did actually cry.  I recommend this series before even reading The Reluctant King.  The author has a lot to live up to and I hope she doesn’t let me down!!!


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