Review of Hunter Moon (The Moon Series) by Jeanette Battista


With the threat of a werehyena takeover dealt with, Kess, Finn, and Rafe can finally enjoy the tentative peace Miami has to offer. As Kess moves forward with her decision to open up the territory to peaceful weres, she knows that the Keepers of Divine Order—a group of werejackal assassins—are watching her every move. If her plan fails, she knows they won’t hesitate to eliminate her and her friends.

When several werehyenas suddenly disappear and Mebis, the Keeper assigned to Miami, goes unexpectedly missing, Kess fears the worst. But even she’s unprepared for this latest threat: a hunter hiding in plain sight whose only goal is killing werecreatures. Can Kess and her friends survive this most dangerous game?

This next installment of The Moon Series did not disappoint.  I was curious as to what this one would entail, since the others are named for the different Weres that are the main focus.  So when I noticed this was Hunter Moon, I, of course, assumed it was about a hunter.  But I had no idea the backstory for this particular hunter.  
This was well written and included different ideas than just Weres, which fit very well.  It is hard to remember that the main character, Kess, is still just a teenager.  She is dealing with so much, and running Miami just seems like it would be too much.  But she does handle everything as a seasoned Alpha would.  
Cormac is brought back in to the picture a little more, but I would have liked to have seen more of him.  I’m going to avoid spoilers, but I did want to note that one of the characters does die.  It was so sad!!!  But I understand that in this world of Weres, especially with a hunter, that is going to happen.  I did hate that this one character died off-I could have seen some good with keeping him/her.  
Another emotional roller coaster with suspense!  I do recommend this series.  Unfortunately, most of the books are fairly short, which is why they are priced so well.  I am a broke reader, so I usually don’t buy anything more than $3.99 unless I know it is going to rock my world!  
The editorial/grammatical errors were minor in this book, but were still there.  They did not take away from the storyline at all, so it was fine.  I’m excited to see where the author takes this series next!
I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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