Review: Demons Forever (Peachville High Demons #6) by Sarra Cannon


The conclusion to the Bestselling Peachville High Demons series.

Harper has come so far from her life as a foster child. She never imagined what her future would hold when she was first brought to the small town of Peachville. Since that day she’s faced great evil, found some of the answers she’s been looking for, and fallen deeply, madly in love. But her biggest challenge and her greatest lessons are still ahead of her.

Despite living in the safety of her father’s castle in the shadow world, Harper knows there is a storm brewing just beyond the dome. Priestess Winter will never rest until she gets the Order’s blue ring back, and Jackson won’t let her forget they now hold the key to Aerden’s future.

When an unexpected visitor from Peachville arrives at the castle, bleeding and near death, his story brings Harper to her knees. Someone she loves has been kidnapped and it’s time for her to make a choice. Stay in the safety of the domed city? Or go back to the place where it all began?

First off, I have to say I loved the concept of this series.  It was the first I have read of it’s kind, and it was very creative.  The previous books detail this: a group of girl witches are chosen in this small town to become cheerleaders.  This is how they get initiated into the Order, by going through different steps.  Once fully initiated, a demon shadow is bound to them through a ceremonial spell.  The women then have power and influence.

Harper figures this out in the previous books and vows to stop it.  She is the next Prima in that demon gate town, so her life holds the others in that town.  If she dies, they all die, unless they pass her title to another, which they attempted in the previous book but didn’t work.  

Harper falls for Jackson, who ends up being a shadow demon bound to a human body on Earth.  His twin is the demon attached to the Prima line, so when Harper is to fully initiate, his twin will be bound to her.  Harper and Jackson go to the Shadow world to find a way to stop the witches from binding with the demons.  

This book, the final in the series, was fully of excitement and suspense.  The witches are trying to stop Harper, then the Shadow demons are trying to take matters into their own hands.  Harper and Jackson don’t have much time to go through with their plans, so you are pulling for them the whole time.  There were a few areas that were pretty obvious as far as who was who, and who they could/couldn’t trust, but I guess with so much going on in that town, they couldn’t figure it out themselves.  

This was also the longest book in the series, and I was thankful for that!  It held my attention the entire time and was well written.  While this is the end of Harper’s story, the author notes that Lea’s story will be next.  

Overall, I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars!  I recommend reading this series, and I will follow up with reading Lea’s story!


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