Mini-Review: Chevalier (Ondine Quartet #2.2) by Emma Raveling


This is a short novelette (approximately 9500 words)

New York poses an unknown challenge to Julian LeVeq and Kendra Irisavie. Determined to help elementals gain traction in the war, they partner in the covert investigation of the elusive Shadow and plunge into the complex depths of the city.

But when the First Lieutenant and sondaleur finally cross paths with the world of Manhattan’s Aquidae, they find more than they bargained for.

Chevalier is a short novelette set within the Ondine Quartet world and is from Julian’s point of view. The events in this work take place between Billow (book two) and Crest (book three).

Way too short.  Finished in what seemed like no time at all 😦  It was interesting to get Julian’s POV.  I enjoy his character in the series so it was nice to hear his take on things.  This introduced a new character briefly, which I have a feeling will be more instrumental later.

I liked that you heard his inner voice about Kendra.  It confirmed much of what I already figured from the previous books.  I just get so pulled in with the characters and want the best for all of them!

It was short and sweet, but still good.  I just hate that I have to wait until Spring for the next full novel to come out!  Love this series!


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