Review: Because of Low by Abbi Glines


It’s steamy in the Gulf town of Sea Breeze. Physical attraction is the only way to beat the heat in this start to a series from bestselling, previously self-published author Abbi Glines.

Playboy Cage owns the apartment, and he hosts a revolving door of people, in and out, at all times. Most of them are long-legged hot girls who are never there more than a night or two. When Cage’s new roommate, Marcus, enters the picture, he’s just looking to nurse a broken heart. But there’s one particular semi-frequent regular who catches his eye.


Willow—“Low”—is the one Cage wants to marry. But the two of them are night and day, and Marcus can’t see how Low puts up with all of Cage’s womanizing. What she really needs is a real man….like good-looking and sensible Marcus. But that’s going to get real complicated and real messy—real fast.

Okay, so I’m now on an Abbi Glines kick!  I’ve already read Breathe and didn’t reread it before this one, which was fine.  It does have a couple of the same characters, but you don’t have to read Breathe in order to get the full experience of Because of Low.

Usually I love YA paranormal, or adult paranormal books, but I make an exception for Abbi Glines.  I started reading her books when Existence came out, which is paranormal in nature.  I liked it, so started reading her other books and realized they weren’t paranormal but were just as good!

Okay, on to the review of Because of Low.  Marcus moves in with Cage, and oh my is Cage hot!  Willow (Low) is Cage’s best friend and the girl he proclaims he’s going to marry.  Cage is a playboy, but drops everything for Low.  Marcus meets Low and wants to get to know her better.  Marcus is a good catch, but Cage does some douchey things, like reminding Low that their kind don’t get Marcus’ kind.  Low and Cage came from a less than good upbringing, and Marcus came from a rich, well-to-do family.

Low and Marcus try to see where things go, but then an enormous block is placed in their path.  I can tell you, I knew what the block was going to be pretty early on but it doesn’t take away from the story.  Abbi has a way of pulling you in and you really feel for these characters.  She also has a way of understanding how one person would react based on their upbringing, versus how another would react.  I really like that about her stories.

Low is an awesome person, and you only want the best for her.  She’s had a crappy life and is still able to be a sweet and loving person.  Abbi also has a way of showing how people are not perfect, but if you love them, you accept the imperfections.

This is a mature read.  I give this one a 4.5 out of 5.  I just can’t top the rating for Fallen Too Far for some reason!  But, Because of Low is still an awesome read!


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