Review: Veined (A Guardian of the Angels Novel) by Anyta Sunday


It could be worse for Sylva Lark. She could be dead. A coma was nothing to that. Or her family moving across country for the treatment, leaving her with a big blue mark on her back.
She can handle it. 
Except the mark glows and tingles, especially whenever transition helper Atticus Plot (Attic) is close by. She suspects he’s hiding something, and when she stumbles across a torn body bearing the same spiral marking as her own, that suspicion is confirmed. 
After a few shaves with death, the truth finally comes out and the battles begin. 
But not all her fights are external; her biggest one is the decision she has to make between doing the right thing for the world and giving up her beloved family for good.

This was a re-read for me because the second in the series came out just a couple of days ago.  Sylva is a teenager who got into a bad accident and wakes up in a hospital after coming out of a coma.  That’s when things start getting strange for her.

She wakes with a mark that she thinks is from an experimental treatment.  It’s like a tattoo but glows at times.  I’m going to give a little bit away in this review, but not much.  She is told by her family that they moved from their home for this really good doctor to help her get better.  She starts a new school and the doctor set up a “buddy” to help her get settled in.  Her “buddy” is Attic.

She notices some strange things going on, then she Phoenixed.  That means she became a Guardian of the Angels to help protect Eirene, basically Heaven, from demons.  The other Guardians in her location lethe her family, making them forget they had a daughter.  Her world has changed and she has to leave her family to live with these Guardians to train.  Attic is her main trainer and their growing attraction to each other starts to get in the way.

Sylva then realizes she has a choice- she can go back to being human and live with her family again.  Some situations arise that make her contemplate that decision.  I’m not going to give any more away with the book.  You’ll have to read it to figure out- did she choose to become a Guardian?  What is Attic’s secret?  Oh, the ending is fabulous!  A cliff-hanger!  But now the second book is out, so if you don’t like cliffhangers it’s okay!

I really enjoyed the writing style, the character development, and the editing was done very well.  I have a thing for angels, and while this isn’t really about angels, I still loved it!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars!!!  It’s only .99 at  I highly recommend reading it!


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