Review: Stained Series (all 4 books) by Ella James

Okay, usually I just review one book at a time, especially in a series, but this time I decided to just review the entire series.  The books have been popping up on my suggested reads on Amazon for a while, so I finally decided to purchase and read the whole series.  The series is: Stained, Stolen, Chosen, and Exalted.

I love Indie authors and support them.  I understand the difficulty in writing.  With that being said, I really did not like this series!!!  Oh my god, it was like pulling my hair out, forcing myself to sit down and read.  I don’t know if it’s just me-I had been trying to read other books, but they didn’t keep my attention so I couldn’t finish them.  Then, this series about did the same to me.  Maybe I’m in a reading funk?  Who knows, but I almost just stopped reading this series.

Again, Indie authors usually don’t have the resources such as several editors.  This series really needed that.  There were so many confusing areas, one where she named a wrong character, which caused me to have to go back and reread the previous page to see if I missed something.  The writing style was not what I’m used to.  It seemed inconsistent, where there would be cursing, then the same character would think “H e double l.  Really?  After all of the other words used, and that is how the character is going to talk now?

Oh, the main character, Julia, was superficial as anything.  I couldn’t feel any sympathy for her at all.  The character development for all characters was weak.  And, during the entire series, Julia was always worried about her “hot pink All-Stars.”  Really!?! So the fact that your family is killed, you are sent to basically a cult, your friends are killed, you are in Hell, you are fighting basically the devil, and all you worry about are your All-Stars?  Julia even cries about not having them.  That’s another thing-she cries all the time!  I understand losing everything, and maybe if the author was to expand on the emotions of the characters, the crying would be more justified.  But it just seemed like too much.

Early in the series, Julia cuts her long hair.  Then, suddenly, her long hair is fanned over a pillow?  Did it grow exceptionally quick?  These are things that editors would usually pick up on.  I would highly recommend Ella James use an editor.  I could see where she was wanting her series to go, and the idea was not too bad.  But it could have been written so much better.

Exalted had me skipping so many pages just to get to the end, which I already had figured out, but decided since I wasted my money on buying the entire series I wanted to read it.  The storyline was all over the place at times.  This series was the worst I have read.  I seriously struggled through the entire thing.  I really hate to say that due to my respect for Indie authors, but it is true.

I would give this series a 2 out of 5.  That 2 is just given for the idea of the series.


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