Review: The Black Rose Society by Jessica Anders


Lily Miller doesn’t like her new home or new family. But when she meets the mysterious Jake Beaumont, she’s introduced to a secret vampire society that holds the secret to her mother’s death. And what’s all the fuss about this old necklace?

the Black Rose Society is a full length novel at 50,000 words.

This was another free read off, so I gave it a shot.  This was not a very good book.  I guess you could probably notice that from the blurb itself.  The book had very poor character development, glossed over so many things, went too quick from one thing to the next, and just horrible editing.

I know I’ve said before that I love Indie authors-I really do!  But this is one that I would not recommend reading.  I think I understand what the author wanted to do, but there were so many holes and contradictions that made the book even worse.  And the female main character just jumps from one guy to the next, without seeming to have any emotions with anyone.  I think the author was trying to play up a love triangle, but failed miserably.  Then, the ending was so abrupt that I was trying to figure out if my download failed or something.

I was confused most of the time because of the contradictions, irritated because of the poor character development, and grateful when the book was finally over.  I am so sorry to Jessica Anders, because I understand the difficulty with writing a novel, and especially if you are Indie and don’t have the resources for editors.  But, you should have several friends and other Indie authors that will assist before you finish.

I have to give this book 1 out of 5 stars.  I am so sorry!!!


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