Review: Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


Is death the end . . . or only the beginning?
Ethan Wate has spent most of his life longing to escape the stiflingly small Southern town of Gatlin. He never thought he would meet the girl of his dreams, Lena Duchannes, who unveiled a secretive, powerful, and cursed side of Gatlin, hidden in plain sight. And he never could have expected that he would be forced to leave behind everyone and everything he cares about. So when Ethan awakes after the chilling events of the Eighteenth Moon, he has only one goal: to find a way to return to Lena and the ones he loves.

Back in Gatlin, Lena is making her own bargains for Ethan’s return, vowing to do whatever it takes — even if that means trusting old enemies or risking the lives of the family and friends Ethan left to protect. 

Worlds apart, Ethan and Lena must once again work together to rewrite their fate, in this stunning finale to the Beautiful Creatures series.
This is the final book in the Beautiful Creatures saga.  Again, very creative and descriptive.  Ethan is trying to get back to Lena, to rewrite Fate.  He has to journey in the Otherworld to the Far Keep, where there is corruption in the leading ranks.  While on his journey, he figures out ways to communicate with Lena and Amma.  He sees his mother and his Aunt Prue.
While I did enjoy the story, and it was interesting, it still seemed like it lacked something for me. The overall story was very inviting, and most of the time you felt like you were with Ethan on his journey.  This book tells the story from both Ethan and Lena’s perspectives, so that was different.  While I had wanted to see from Lena’s perspective in the first book, I was a bit disappointed in the way it was told in this book.  It seemed to lack depth for me.  It was very close to the same way Ethan would have been talking, so it was almost like Ethan and Lena’s personalities are the same.
I just don’t know why this book didn’t do anything for me.  I actually took a break from it and read another one.  I never do that.  So, with that being said, I guess I would have to give it 3 out of 5 stars.  There were some emotional areas where I almost cried, but it just wasn’t enough.  But, it did wrap the story up mostly, only leaving a few unanswered questions on things.

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