Review: Fractured (Book 5, The Caged Series) by Amber Lynn Natusch


Returning home after three weeks of captivity in the shadows of her own mind, Ruby discovers the magnitude of the damage her absence left in its wake. With relationships to mend and unsolved mysteries still looming, she has little time to deal with the latest drama at hand: the three disreputable werewolves recently thrust into her life and a missing Scarlet. Ruby must quickly learn to adapt and thrive in her new situation while also treading carefully around it. If not, she will suffer the consequences―and without her genetically built-in safety net present, the ramifications could be epic.

So I was going to review each book as I re-read them, but I just got too into it and couldn’t stop reading.  So, for the latest.  If you haven’t read the previous books, don’t read this review.  It will contain spoilers for the others.

The book starts with Ruby returning after 3 weeks of absence, due to Scarlet taking over.  Ruby has no clue where she had been, and once returning home, the ones she loves are angry with her abandonment.  Once she clears up for them that she was not in control, nor has any recollection of what happened, they accept her sincerity.

Ruby still struggles with the death of Matty.  She attends his funeral, which is heartbreaking.  Scarlet is absent.  Ruby no longer feels her or hears her.  Ruby was found by 3 werewolves, who returned her home after her 3 week hiatus.  They end up showing up a bit later, looking for refuge.  They escaped their London pack due to a bad alpha, or so they say.

Ruby trusts them, but obviously Sean and Cooper do not.  Ruby and Sean work on their relationship, and it seems to start looking better.  Gavin still makes his appearances, but is cryptic as ever.  Matty’s ghost visits a few times, and it was even more heartbreaking than his funeral.

Ruby of course finds herself in danger, and life or death situations.  But will Scarlet show back up to help save her?  Or will Sean or Cooper be her knight?  It is quite surprising what happens close to the end.  I’m not going to embellish on that because it would be a spoiler for sure.

I loved this book, just as I have loved all in this series!  The author added new characters, which added to the excitement.  I was wondering how she was going to keep this story going with who she had, and keep it interesting.  She did a wonderful job!

You try to figure out if Ruby is correct in trusting the new werewolves, which I like to trust Ruby’s instincts.  But with Scarlet out of the picture, it makes you question a little more.  It was really surprising how things unfolded with the London pack-exciting in a good way!  Very creative and something I didn’t see coming early in the book.  It was a little obvious when Ruby spoke with Tobias, but I like how it played out.

I was wondering about Scarlet most of the book.  I wondered if she could somehow die, and then with Ruby’s blindness starting, I wondered if someone had done something to block Scarlet.  I’m still not clear on that, but I’m sure it will be explained in the next book, which I can’t wait for!

I give this a 5 out of 5!  I highly recommend reading this series!


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