Review: Scarred by J.S. Cooper


Sometimes the deepest scars are the ones you don’t see

Everyone in Jonesville thought that Bryce Evans had the perfect life in High School: he was the Mayor’s son, the quarterback for the football team, the boyfriend of the head cheerleader and had a 4.1 GPA. His acceptance to Notre Dame came as a surprise to no-one. However when he chose to enlist in the marines instead everyone was shocked. 

Lexi Lord was the quiet girl in school and kept to her small group of eccentric friends. She had no connection to any of the popular kids except for one incident on Prom Night when her path crossed with Bryce’s. When Bryce enlisted, Lexi was the only one that wasn’t disappointed and decided to send him anonymous letters as a way to feel connected to him. She stopped after a year because she felt there was nowhere for their relationship to go. 

Fast-forward four years and Bryce is back in Jonesville and once again he and Lexi cross paths. Only he’s no longer the seemingly perfect man and Lexi’s no longer the quiet girl. This time their relationship is quite different but both of them have secrets from the past and friends that threaten to ruin their chance at happiness together.

New Adult Contemporary Romance **Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

So I got this book on a whim.  It seemed to have mostly good reviews.  The storyline is not too bad.  Girl has crush on boy, boy has no clue who girl is, boy moves away to war, girl pines over boy, boy returns and so the story goes.  Lexi has had a crush on Bryce for several years.

Okay, I’m not going to rehash what the blurb says.  And I’m not really sure what to make of this book.  In some respects, I see what the characters are doing and going through.  In other respects, they are extremely immature for their age.  I understand the author wanted to use someone that went to war and returned, so the characters had to be appropriate ages, but with this story, they should be closer to 18.

Okay, on to my rant of parts of the book, and this may contain spoilers.  Actually, it does contain spoilers, you’ve been warned.  Lexi and Anna are friends, and virgins, at 22 years old.  At Bryce’s party, he wakes up to a girl in the bed with him, and she’s naked.  He’s on pills and alcohol and has sex with her.  He thinks it’s one of his ex’s.  Low and behold, it’s Anna.  Yeah, so the 22 year old virgin decides to throw those 22 years out the window, and her morals, for a one night stand.  I really had an issue with that.  It brought up so many inconsistencies.  Who waits 22 years for the right man, perfect man, etc. then jumps in bed, naked, with your best friend’s crush?  Okay, that is just one issue.

Second issue-the timeframe for this story is extremely short.  All of a sudden, Lexi’s other best friend, Luke, is professing his love while she has a ton of other stuff going on.  He knows her and knows what she is going through, and he couldn’t pick a better time?  No, if he loved her, he would have waited instead of putting added pressure on her.

There were a few other issues, but those were the biggest that I had with the storyline.  The author could have drug the story out more, made it last a month or so.  But so much happens in a few days time.  Oh yeah, so then Lexi is throwing herself at Bryce and he even stops her.  If she is a 22 year old virgin, waiting for the love of her life, which she thinks is Bryce, she could have waited a few more days, or a month.  But no, it’s like these virgins just threw those morals out the window.  So then she and Bryce have sex, like a day after he and Anna.

There are a few editing errors, but nothing major.

Overall, I give this story a 3 out of 5.  I will read the next book to see what happens, hoping that the author has matured the characters a little.


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