Review: Crash by Nicole Williams


Jude Ryder and Lucy Larson are this generation’s Romeo and Juliet: Explosive. Sizzling. Tragic.

A steamy summer encounter with bad boy Jude means trouble for Lucy. Her sights are set on becoming a ballerina, and she won’t let anything get in her way . . . except Jude.

He’s got a rap sheet, dangerous mood swings, and a name that’s been sighed, shouted, and cursed by who knows how many girls.

Jude’s a cancer, the kind of guy who’s fated to ruin the lives of girls like Lucy—and he tells her so.

But as rumors run rampant and reputations are destroyed, Lucy’s not listening to Jude’s warning. Is tragedy waiting in the wings? This racy romance is hot, hot, hot!

I love Nicole Williams!  I fell in love with her Eden Trilogy a while ago, and enjoyed the Patrick Chronicles, so I had to give Crash a read.  Her other series’ are paranormal type based, which I of course love.  Crash has no paranormal ties, but I still enjoyed it too.

You follow Lucy as she moves and starts a new school.  Her parents are pretty much absent due to an event that happened in the past.  You don’t get the details until closer to the end, but you know it’s obviously life changing.  Jude is the town bad boy, but before Lucy knows he’s the bad boy, she falls for him.

I really did like this book, and am about to start reading Clash, the sequel.  I thought Crash did have a pretty good ending, so I’m curious to see what Clash is about.  Lucy and Jude have been handed a hard life, but they both seem to grow out of it.  The character development was good, and the story was very interesting.

I’m tired, so I’m keeping this short.  I give Crash 4 out of 5 stars.


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